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People of Karnah request Army to shift checkpoint from Sadhna Top

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Tangdar (Karnah): The people of Karnah have demanded shifting of checkpoint on Nasta Chun Gali during the winter season.

Locals said that as there is a risk of avalanches during the winter at Sadhna Top (Nasta Chhan), the vehicles shouldn’t be stopped there. “To curb the narco and arms and ammunitions smuggling, the army has started several checkpoints on Nasta Chhan Gali due to which the passengers have to wait in the long queues for hours.”

They said that in the summer season, the checkpoint was not creating any problems for the commuters, “but now that winter is arriving, the search operation on Sadhna Gali should be stopped and started at TCP in Bagh Bela Karnah or TP Chowkibal.”

People said that in winter season, at the Nasta Chun Gali not only 12 to 15 feet of snow accumulates but also the temperature drops sharply below the freezing point. “In such a situation, passengers including children, women and the elderly can face difficulties. Hundreds of people have been killed due to avalanches so far.”

Also, the new Brigade commander who recently assmed the charge of 104 brigade, had organised a meeting with the civil society Karnah and the local political leaders. O     n the occasion, the people had put forth the shifting the checkpoint from Sadna Top.

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