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Dr Farooq greets people on Urs of Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamadani (RA)

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Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Thursday greeted people on the Urs of Hazrart Mir Muhammad Hamadani (RA), illustrious son of Hazrat Amir- e- Kabeer Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA).

In a statement, while greeting the people, Dr Farooq said that it was due to the unrelenting efforts of Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamadani (RA) that the people of Kashmir got acquainted with the teachings of Islam.

“Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamadani (RA) is credited with building numerous mosques; he bought land at various places across Kashmir and bequeathed it to the Muslim Ummah. His relentless service in the field of Islamic learning, Tasawuf, socio-political emancipation of the downtrodden is immense.  Mir Muhammad Hamadani (RA) watered the sacred mission of his illustrious father; he had dedicated himself to the cause of humanity as a whole. His mission was to offer succor and solace to the suffering masses of Kashmir. He encouraged people to live a life of piety and discipline and stressed that the real devotion of Almighty was in the service of suffering man.  He exhorted people to overcome pride, anger, greed, lust, and excessive involvement in worldly affairs.  He had attained the highest stages of spiritual refinement, awakening of self.  May the Almighty’s grace be on us and the coming generations of ours; the need of the hour is to imbue the contemporary generation with the teachings of such noble and pious men as Hazrat Mir Muhammad Hamadani (RA),” he said.

Meanwhile Party General Secretary Ali Muhammad Sagar and State Women’s Wing President Shameeema Firdous on Thursday greeted people on the annual Urs of Hazrat Syed Hussain Khawarizmi (RA) Munawar Abad, Srinagar.

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