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Milaad’un Nabi (SAW) and Responsibility of Ummah

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Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born in Mecca in 570 A.D in the tribe of Quraysh, which enjoyed great prestige all over Arabia and the neighboring countries. It was the time when humans had lost humanity and were devoid of all the virtues. They had gone astray and were treating wrong as right. However, with the blessed birth of Muhammad (SAW), things changed greatly. The humanitarian characteristics reappeared. The prevailing social and religious evils steadily vanished. People found their lost track and sense of understanding of right and wrong redeveloped and improved colossally.

All this transformation was possible owing to the exemplary, unparalleled, and pristine character of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which he displayed throughout his life especially when the opposition of enemies intensified. He was attacked with stones in Maidaan’e Taif. The garbage and waste of slaughtered camel was thrown on him. Thorns were laid down on his way to injure him, but he never lost his cool. He stood firm and at the same time was ultimate in patience. Instead of displaying anger, he treated his opponents graciously. In every situation, his behavior convinced people that he is absolutely a ‘Mercy’ and a man of perfection that ought to be followed. He left the worldly existence in 632 A.D at the age of 63. In just 63 years (which include 40 years before prophethood and 23 years of prophetic career), Prophet Muhammad (SAW) exercised influence to the extent that more than fourteen hundred years have passed; he (SAW) is too close to every Muslim. Every second, his blessed name ‘Muhammad’ is uttered somewhere in the world. His name reverberates everywhere via sermons, prayer calls, prayers, etc. His name is etched on the memory of the people. That is why we see festivity all around the world in connection with the commemoration of his Birthday (Milaad, which falls on 12th Rabi-ul-Awal but observance lasts for months).

It is pertinent to mention that people strongly believe that Prophet (SAW) is the greatest blessing and glorifying it publicly is according to Quran that says; And of your Lord’s blessings, proclaim it (93:11). The ways of proclaiming, they believe, is that Allah is thanked, merits, virtues, and excellence of Prophet (SAW) are highlighted, and his message is propagated. Hearteningly, these form the kernel of Mawlid celebration everywhere.

Thus, throughout the world, Muslims of different socio-cultural and linguistic backgrounds celebrate this day with fervor. They proclaim the bounty of Allah and implicitly convey a message that no force can sever their relationship with their Prophet (SAW). Even time – which is believed to fade the memory, cannot distance them from their religion and guide – Prophet (SAW). It also suggests that how hard Islamophobists and so-called ‘free speech defenders’ would try to malign the Islam and Prophet (SAW), they will never succeed in taking Prophet Muhammad out of the hearts of believers. Milaad’un Nabi (SAW) also serves as an eye-opener for all those who have propounded the concept of ‘Ghar wapsi’ and who lynch people not for chanting the name of ‘their’ God.

The celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) birthday is important in contemporary times for obvious reasons but restricting it to a mere celebration is inappropriate. We must employ this opportunity for the greater good. Milaad’un Nabi provides us an occasion to revitalize our relationship with Prophet (SAW) – for which adhering to his teaching and promoting the same is essential. This is in truth a key to get the blessings and kindness of supreme power- Allah as Quran says; ‘whoever obeys the Messenger (Prophet), he indeed obeys Allah’ – (Surah Nisa- 4:80) and obedience of Almighty is prerequisite for gaining his favor. In addition, Allah says in the Quran; surely, in the Messenger of Allah, there is an excellent example for you (Surah Ahzab – 33:21). In this verse, Allah tells believers that the Prophet’s way of doing things must be followed by those who wish to please Allah and attain success in the world and the hereafter.

Therefore, in the subcontinent, scholars have proposed a beautiful idea ‘Milaad Manao – Seerat Apnao’ – Celebrate the birthday of the Prophet but also make His teaching an integral part of life to have all advantages. On one hand, we can counter any venomous attack intended to dishonor Islam and the Messenger of Allah by celebrating this event, and on the other hand; we can influence numerous minds and inspire much and more people to inquire about Islam and its Prophet (SAW) by adopting and promulgating its sacred message. Taking both aspects of Milaad’un Nabi – Celebration and absorption of its Islamic message into consideration can serve various valuable purposes.

Fortunately, no one is unaware of Islamic teachings. Even an illiterate and less-educated Muslim knows what his religion Islam stands for. Every Friday is meant for educating, apprising, and reminding people of Islamic teachings. So, there is no dearth of knowledge and information about Islamic principles and teachings. All that we need is to put the information into practice. This blessed month, let us make a promise of loyalty with Prophet (SAW) and strive to include his message in our everyday life. That is the best way to earn pleasure of Almighty Allah and bounties of both the worlds.

– Zeeshan Rasool Khan Writes on diverse issues, tweets @zeeshan_rk, and can be mailed at [email protected]

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