Shun the violence

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The murder of three Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers in Kulgam district has been condemned widely by almost all political parties operating within the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Unidentified militants fired at the trio at Y K Pora area while they were traveling in a car. The slain were identified as BJP’s Yuva Morcha General Secretary Kulgam, Fida Hussain Itoo, son of Gh Ahmad of Y K Pora; Umer Rashid Beigh, son of Abdul Rashid of Sopat and Umer Ramzan Hajan, son of Mohd Ramzan of Y K Pora. This is not the first time that civilians were targeted and killed. It has become an ugly trend in Kashmir Valley wherein the killers hit soft targets to make news while themselves remaining ‘unidentified.’ Lt Grovernor, Manoj Sinha, National Conference Vice President, Omar Abdullah, Peoples Conference President, Sajad Lone, PDP President, Mehbooba Mufti, CPI(M) leader, M Y Tarigami, Apni Party President Syed Altaf Bukhari besides BJP leaders and leaders of other political parties and civil society groups have condemned the murder.

Killing people for ideological differences is the worst low a human can stoop to. It is share madness and nobody can approve such crimes. If killing people for political and ideological differences becomes a norm then everyone would be hunting for everyone. The world will become a murderous field and no one will have any safety and security. Those who have killed these three political workers in Kulgam have neither helped the society nor their own selves. They have not taken the lives of three unarmed civilians but devastated three families and earned for themselves the hellfire hereafter.

Violence has no religion, it has no ethics or principles. It can only kill and destroy. Those who are indulging in violence or propagating violent ideologies need to understand that Allah has not created this world for death and destruction. He created a special specie – humans – with the intension that this specie will beautify his world with love and compassion. The murderers are brazenly and shamelessly trying to negate Allah’s plan. Fact of the matter is that they will never succeed in their designs.

Kashmir society, as a whole, need to wake up and understand the negative and disastrous impact of violence. Since 1990, Kashmiris have suffered a lot. Thousands have fallen victim to blind violence. The Valley, which was known to be paradise on earth, has been turned into a land of graveyards. Time has come that people open up, speak up and denounce every civilian killing no matter what the killed ones political ideology has been. This bloodshed has to stop, the sooner the better for those living here.

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