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Villages need proper attention

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By: Mudasir Ali

Villages are less developed in comparison to urban areas. The main difference is having minimum number of facilities which could ensure better services to the people. The basic facilities which are essential for every village are: Electricity service, Health service, Drinking water, Bank service etc. These are generally viewed as the cornerstones for changing under developed villages into developed ones. It can steadily proceed to achieve higher targets in the future when such basic facilities are made operational in villages. Progress is possible when villages are endowed with maximum services. There are huge number of grievances and demands in local villages. Can we expect that our grievances will be seriously addressed this time with a positive response? The above facilities can play a good role for developing villages. When top to lower wrung government functionaries in the respective departments do their job properly, they could transform villages into developed ones. Problems will be overcome when concerned government employees have well organized planning and enthusiasm for village works.

General grievances of village people

  1. Roads and Building Department: – It is hard reality that roads are not macadamized in villages. They are completely dilapidated due to failure of drainages alongside the roads. Water profusely flows on roads. Large sized and deep potholes lies in the middle of roads which cause trouble to pedestrians and vehicles get also damaged while plying. In case of health emergency, patients suffer before reaching to hospital.
  2. Health service centres: – The health sector is another cause of concern. Here, we can’t blame only professionals but the problem is in the government which is not allocating the necessary health equipments which have an important role in health centres. Doctors and other medical faculties can provide good series only if the health centres are comfortably equipted.
  3. Public health engineering: – The department has a work to supply drinking water to the households. People still have grievances regarding their work and duty. Many households have no water connections, they still suffer with it. In certain cases proper filtration of the water is not done.
  4. Power development department: –The transmission of power supply is a grave issue. The LT lines are randomly thrown on trees and damaged polls thus impacting the power supply besides risking peoples’ lives in several areas. Power shortage during winters is also a major issue.

Government has launched Back to Village initiative. It is appreciable but what is to be seen is whether the grievances of the village populations get addressed. From Panchayat halqa to Block Simiti the two-tiers are bonded in such a way that the local developmental aspirations are fully associated with it. Except few, rest of the departments are working under the Block Bimiti guidelines headquartered at different places. The government needs to gear up these tiers for proper planning. It will be a milestone if villages are developed socially, educationally and economically which obviously can bring a viable change in transforming local villages. In villages, people are well qualified but they have no job opportunities. Many far-flung areas completely lack in basic amenities.

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