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Journalism in India

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BY: Mushtaq Bhat

“The Pen is all time powerful than sword”!

Yes, I mean “Journalism” which is regarded as fourth pillar of Democracy. The journalism is neither about the abilities of expression & fluency nor making loud noises rather journalists are messengers. The main purpose of journalism is to provide information based on the facts. For that reason journalism is an essential component in a democratic nation. The journalists should be fair, natural and truthful in order to point out failings of system without fear and favour.

Your job as a journalist is to report the facts and provide space to the opinion of others. While reporting, you have to leave your own views completely out of the story. But the truth is the modern journalism in India is lacking all its aims and objectives. The modern journalism in India is under attack by none other than it’s own players (Journalists). One couldn’t however, deny the role of professional/good journalists who are making their tireless efforts in bringing transparency and accountability in this institution. Even a few have sacrificed their lives in order to safeguard this pillar of democracy and critical institution.

It is sad to note that some journalists aren’t doing justice with their profession. In some media institutions the subordinate reporters doesn’t get the freedom of speech, the freedom of presenting truth etc. Those who dare to stand by truth are harassed and threatened.

Pertinently, let me quote a statement made by Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal a few years back. He was quoted as saying by Indian Express that he will send them (Journalists) behind bars, if he comes to power.

Evidently, a large number of cases involving paid news are coming to the attention of general public. Even some of the journalists are known in promoting religious polarization and hatred. We see the media houses are giving much coverage to Hindu Muslim conflicts and not much importance is given to discuss the real issues being faced by the citizens of the country.

How could you justify journalism when your reporters are becoming mouth piece of the rulers in power, and forgetting the responsible role and ethics of journalism?

Some journalists are promoting their business and thus misusing the license of journalism. The recent “TRP Scam” in which the names of three leading national TV Channels were allegedly emerged in manipulation of Television Rating Points is its live example. Moreover, the audience is watching and observing what is taking significance and what not!

It has been viewed that in present times news content forms one percent from the fields viz a viz agriculture, employment, education and environment whereas the rest is politics, sports, crime & entertainment. So one could easily say, there is a lot more than our nation needs to know.

To sum up, both good and bad journalism has its impact on nation and its citizens. The intensity to which they have risen up in the recent times is alarming and posing a threat to the integrity of the country.

The growing crises over the credibility of journalism in India require a big debate as;

  • Why and how it has failed to perform the critical tasks it is supposed to do in a democratic nation?
  • What can journalists do to improve trust deficit among audience?
  • Why journalists have lost the high stature they were accorded in the society?
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