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Advisor Khan takes stock of facilities for devotees at several Srinagar shrines

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Visits shrines of Syed Yaqoob Sahib (RA), Asim Shah (RA)-Qasim Shah (RA)

SRINAGAR : Advisor to Lieutenant Governor, Farooq Khan today visited the shrines of Sufi Saints, Hazrat Mir Syed Yaqoob Sahib (RA) at Sonawar and Asim Shah (RA) and Qasim Shah (RA) at Cheshma Shahi here.

Advisor Khan was accompanied by other officials of the Wakf board.

During his visit, Advisor Khan took stock of the facilities available at the shrines while taking a round of the premises of the shrines and reviewed the facilities being provided to the devotees.

On the occasion, Advisor Khan stressed on the officers to ensure the best possible facilities for the visiting devotees.

At Sonawar shrine, he visited the site for construction of the new ablution facilities for males and females besides he directed for preparation of DPR for the construction of residential quarters for the staff and security personnel.

The shrine administrators apprised him about the various issues faced by the devotees. The Advisor advised the Wakf officials for taking note of each of the demand and meeting the same on priority basis.

He stressed for maintenance of cleanliness and proper upkeep of the shrine and adjacent mosque.

At Hazrat Asim Shah (RA) and Qasim Shah (RA) shrine, Advisor Khan directed the concerned to renovate the existing structure of the shrine on traditional Kashmiri lines.

He asked them to keep the aesthetic of the shrine in due consideration while taking any repair or renovation works.

On the occasion, the Advisor prayed for peace, progress and tranquility in J&K and well-being of its people.

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