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Admin not even remotely connected with masses, their issues: PDP

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Seeks early release of all youth arrested post August 5

Jammu : Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Monday said that “the atmosphere of despair and distrust prevailing in Jammu and Kashmir was worrisome”.

A PDP spokesperson said that the party held a meeting on Monday under the chairmanship of General Secretary and former legislator Surinder Choudhary.

“The democratic institutions in Jammu and Kashmir stand demolished while the administration was not even remotely connected with the masses and their issues leaving behind an impression of chaos and panic,” the speakers said at the meeting.

Among others the meeting was attended by former legislator Firdous Tak, former Vice Chairman Vijay Dogra, Abdul Rasheed Malik, Rajinder Singh Manhas, Sheikh Nasir Hussain, Satpaul Charak, Shafeeq ul Rehman, Sunil Bhat, Shabaz Mirza and Ashok Jogi.

The speakers highlighted the contribution of the party in “restoring peace not only in Jammu and Kashmir but in the entire region after its formation in 1999”. “The very foundation of the party was laid on the promise to struggle for strengthening ties between the different shades of opinion within the state, people of three erstwhile regions, state and rest of the country besides with the neighbouring countries,” the spokespersons said.

They said that even at this crucial juncture Peoples Democratic Party has “stood tall despite conspiracies hatched and aimed towards it”. “The relevance of the PDP’s vision has today assumed more significance in view of the current scenario not only in Jammu and Kashmir but entire subcontinent. We have been insisting that there is no alternate to reconciliation and dialogue and our late leader Mufti Muhammad Sayed always believed that Jammu and Kashmir can be an epicentre of South Asian cooperation,” the speakers observed.

They said that Jammu and Kashmir was “being pushed into darkness and administration was playing the key role in demolition of all democratic institution”. “The ruling BJP has played with the aspirations of every section of the society and today the volcano of dissent and despair was ready to explode,” they said.

They said that the PDP leadership has always stood against the “nefarious designs of Sangh Parivar and now the ruling party was finding it appropriate to settle its political vengeance”. “It is now clear that the Union Government was not willing for any kind of political outreach in Jammu and Kashmir as such it is continuing with the illegal and unjust detentions of mainstream leadership, especially those from the PDP, in the erstwhile state.”

“Thousands of youth were arrested post-August 5, 2019 from across Jammu and Kashmir and they continue to languish behind bars within and outside the erstwhile state,” the speakers said adding, “BJP is working on the implementation of chaos theory in Kashmir under which the mainstream political leadership are either to be discredited or silenced, media arm-twisted, democratic institutions smashed and administrative machinery hijacked.”

The party demanded the immediate release of all the political prisoners and youth who are either languishing in jails or detained in their houses. “The present status quo has to be changed and New Delhi will have to reach out to the people of this erstwhile state one day or the other. The presently handling of the situation is bound to add to the chaos and further alienate people at the grassroots level,” they added.

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