Difficult days ahead

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If the dangerous spike in the number of people testing positive for Covid-19 and also in deaths related to the infection is any indication, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir seems heading towards difficult times. The death toll has already crossed 500 and number of infected has reached 27000. The most worrying factor, particularly for the people of Kashmir Valley, is the approaching winter. During winters, the people in Kashmir normally fall victim to respiratory related infections and if the Covid-19 curve is not flattened till then, the people here are in for real disaster. People have to understand the gravity of the situation and heed the official warnings and follow the health guidelines. Not wearing face masks and not maintaining social distance, it seemed that people are on a suicidal path, risking not only their own lives but also of their families’, and others’ too. Not only the ordinary people, but certain institutions including the banks and some government offices too were openly showing their complete disregard for the advisories vis-a-vis the ongoing pandemic. Despite the administration and the health experts issuing guidelines, time and again, the people, by and large, seem unconcerned about the same. This irresponsible attitude of the people has helped the deadly Coronavirous to spread its tentacles dangerously.

People have to understand that an invisible killer enemy is hovering over their heads. They have to understand that whatever precautions are being suggested by the health experts are to be followed. Covid-19 is the reality of our lives. The virus is here to stay and therefore we have to learn to live with it without allowing it to make us its agents to spread further. Scientists, all over world, are busy trying to find some vaccine or some cure for the coronavirus. But it is going to take some time and till that day comes, people have to be their own protectors. And for doing so, they have to follow the guidelines in letter and spirit. If everyone decides to avoid moving out, unless extremely necessary; wear face masks; avoid social contact and follow regular hand wash directions, the deadly virus will not be able to find any carriers.

On its part, the administration has to prepare itself for the worst. They have to strengthen bed capacity as given the rush of fresh patients, the existing hospital and their bed strength are collapsing. While one would expect people to follow the guidelines strictly, the administration has to understand and appreciate the gravity of the situation and be prepared for difficult days ahead. It has to strengthen the health sector with infrastructure, men and machinery. Oxygen supplies to the hospitals should be regular and in abundance and so should be necessary drugs. Special care should be taken for the safety of doctors and other medical staff who are busy saving peoples’ lives putting their own in the line of fire.

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