Adeela Hameed

Positivity is the only answer

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Unemployed, Depressed, Hopeless…

Shut inside our homes, businesses closed, daily scare of the new disease. Hopelessness has seeped into us so much that people are losing sight of tomorrow. Like there will never be a day, God forbid, when the sun shines on a virus-free world, devoid of distress and worry. Although our planet has been in chaos for a long time now, with the advent of coronavirus, what’s been added to our miseries is a lost hope.

Everyone is suffering, in their own way, emotionally, physically, or both. Sometimes, all that’s happening begins to overpower us, is usually more than what we can handle, so, unfortunately, we are headed towards suicidal tendencies. Anyone could/would experience this, so there’s no need feel that you are the only one. This is the first time in modern history, largely in this 21st century, that people have been clubbed and stocked inside their rooms, without anything to do, feeling unproductive all the time, and contemplating life way more than they should. In these circumstances, it is only natural to feel depressed. For people who have been rendered unemployed or lost their opportunities for jobs this year, days might seem even more arduous and rigid than others. Thus, being hopeless is the path everyone follows now.

But should we continue feeling so?

It is a phase of our lives, a trial that demands patience and calm. I know these words seem like tall tales but they are not. I am an equal sufferer in this pandemic alongwith my peers and youngsters, who have been affected the most due to economic instability, environmental degradation, and political turmoil. And, health issues this virus brought forth completed the unholy square for us, making life unbearable. So, now what? Should we just leave our life like that? Endlessly wallowing in pain and agony, continuously recognizing the sheer worthlessness of our existence. Is this what you want?

This life, we are given, is a test passing which, something more beautiful and wonderful will be provided to us. Infuse this ideology whenever feeling depressed. Most people place unnecessary stress on themselves pretending to bear everything on their own. No one survives like that. Be open to people around you. If they are depressed too, be depressed together. Yeah! One of the ways to overcome this problem is to be together.

Use your energy to focus on positives, on beauty, and strength. Positive energy around you might be miniscule, yet present in spite of everything. Have faith that we will overcome this virus and emerge as the best version of humans that have ever lived on this small piece of heaven.

The most important part is not losing hope for a better tomorrow. These are trying times and with economic losses, poverty, mental illness, and unemployment in tow, people are bound to lose this hope. But we must continue to believe that we, humans, have been bestowed with social and moral support of one another unlike most in the animal kingdom.

Preparing together for the life ahead, distributing opportunities and responsibilities, making sure people near you are doing okay, sharing lives with each other, being confidantes of one another will help everyone survive now and live their best tomorrow.

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