Saving the Saviour

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One more Covid warrior, Dr Mohammad Ashraf Mir has succumbed to the deadly virus. While his demise has been mourned widely, his death should serve as an eye opener for all of us. Corona Virus is faceless and ruthless. It is roaming all over looking for its prey. In absence of vaccine or any cure, it is we the people alone who can keep this disease at a distance. Our doctors and other medical staff are the frontline warriors who are risking their lives to save that of ours. Lt. Governor, Manoj Sinha, the other day, lauded the unwavering efforts shown by the Health Workers and Frontline Corona Warriors for the significant role played by them in the containment and management of COVID-19 pandemic in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and said that the JK Government is considering to provide additional support to them, in addition to the existing insurance cover of Rs 50 lakhs. The government should prioritize the safety of those directly involved in the fight against Covid-19. It has to ensure that our doctors and entire medical fraternity is well equipped with proper protective gear and precautionary tools to stay safe. For the safety of the general public, the safety of the frontline Corona warriors is to be ensured. Doctors are to be saved so that they are in a position to save the lives of others.

That said, the death of another doctor should help people realize the dangers that are lurking in today’s world in the form of Corona Virus. As rightly suggested by the Lt. Governor, the administration should involve religious leaders and distinguished personalities to spread awareness regarding importance of wearing face masks, social distancing and adherence to guidelines and advisories related to the prevention of COVID-19. It has been witnessed that a good chunk of people in Kashmir don’t take the threat seriously. These people have to understand that by not taking the requisite precautionary measures, they are not only risking their lives but also the lives of their dear ones. It is unfortunate that while on one hand the doctors fighting the Corona battle are losing their lives, on the other hand there are some irresponsible people roaming here and there without wearing masks and maintaining the social distance. It is duty of the administration to act tough against such irresponsible people. They are threat to the well being of all and thus should be dealt with accordingly.

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