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NC leaders greet people on Eid

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Srinagar : National Conference president and Member of Parliament from Srinagar Dr. Farooq Abdullah and vice-president Omar Abdullah on Friday extended warm greetings to people on the auspicious eve of Eid, praying for advent of peace and tranquility in J&K.

According to a party press release, while greeting people, NC president said that self-sacrifice and perseveration were central to the philosophy of Eid-ul-Azha that opened up paths towards transcendence, truth and perfection.

He said that sacrifice was the essential element in achieving an idyllic state of being by submitting one’s will before the almighty Allah with sincere intentions.

He further said the divinely willed sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS), his devotion and submission towards Almighty are the core values that one should try to emulate in one’s life.  The day, Party president said, exhorts people towards righteousness and piety.

“We are celebrating this Eid at a time when the lives of people all over the world are beleaguered with humanity’s biggest ever public health crises induced by COVID-19.  The fervor of the Eid is rather dampened in view of the humongous losses to lives and economy but one thing that the pandemic couldn’t take from us is the spirit of Eid-ul-Azha.  It is the universal and undying message of the day that offers a glimmer of hope to all those observing the day during the prevailing crises,” he said.

Dr Farooq said that his thoughts and prayers were with those battling the pandemic on ground. He prayed for fast recuperation to those undergoing treatment, and eternal peace to those whose lives were devoured by the viral sprawl.

“I also take this opportunity to request people to abide by the SOPs and public health advisories issued by concerned agencies in view of the Eid Festivity. Any recklessness on Eid in terms of not abiding by the COVID-19 Protocol and SOPs can swell the viral infectivity.  I also urge the people to observe the festival with austerity and help those in need in their neighborhoods. I hope the day augurs well for the people of J&K and the entire humanity. I pray to the Almighty to come to the rescue of those who are distraught, and mourning their loved ones; I pray to the Almighty to fill the lives of people troubled by uncertainty with hope. I hope peace and prosperity may dawn anew.”

NC vice-president Omar Abdullah while extending greeting to the people said that one of the greatest acts of kindness was in giving charity and that there was no other day better than Eid-ul-Azha to revive the bonds with those who don’t have enough resources to celebrate the Eid.

The day, he said provides a golden opportunity to all well-offs to help the have-nots. There is no better exercise than reaching down and lifting people up, he said saying that sharing and caring were the core values of Islam essential towards ones spiritual accession.

“I extend my warm wishes to people on the auspicious eve, hoping that the day increases the prospects of peace and property in J&K. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are undergoing treatment, and those whose loved ones were devoured by the pandemic. I pray for the return of healthier times, prosperity and hope. I also request the people to strictly abide by the COVID-19 guidelines, and Eid Specific SOPs. Any slip up at this time can prove upset the efforts underway towards curbing the pandemic.  I pray that the day fosters brotherhood and unity amongst different sections of society in J&K,” he said.

Party’s senior leaders, functionaries, Members of Parliament, zone presidents, district presidents, YNC, Women’s wing, Media Cell, Legal Cell, and Minority wing have also extended greeting to the people praying for the return of healthier times, and peace and tranquility in J&K. Among others party’s Kargil Unit, Chenab Unit, Pir Panjal unit functionaries have also extended warm greetings to people.

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