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Govt trying to woo back youth from militancy to mainstream: LG

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Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu has said the government is making diligent efforts to wean away youths from the vicious circle of “terrorism” and bring them to the mainstream.

“First of all, let better sense prevail upon those who are being misled (to join terror ranks). They should understand that it is not the right path. Every citizen of India has equal rights and they too have that,” Murmu told PTI in an interview at Raj Bhawan here on Tuesday.

“We have been trying that no youth is misled (to join terrorism). There is no future (for them in terrorism),” he said.

Murmu said the government is making efforts to bring them back to the mainstream.

“We have given opportunities to those who joined the terror ranks. In several cases, their parents were used to convince them to surrender. But sometimes they do not want to surrender as they have been brainwashed,” he said.

The Lieutenant Governor also spelled out the government’s plan to launch a campaign to bring back the youth from militancy.

“In coming days, there would be another campaign (to wean away youths from terrorism). This we have to do so that they realise that is not the right path. In a democracy where everyone has equal rights, they should come forward and join the mainstream and become the master of their own destiny,” he emphasized.

Murmu noted that the youths, who are pushed into militancy “after being indoctrinated by vested interests, are killed to protect many innocent lives”.

“There is no satisfaction (in killing these youths who are misguided to join terrorism),” he said.

“To protect innocent people, security forces have to undertake operations (to eliminate such youths). Our aim is not to kill 25 or 50 such people. It is better that they shun joining terrorist ranks,” he added.

In a message to Kashmiri youths, the LG said “vested elements in Pakistan have no love for them and that the objective of these forces is to destabilise India by creating an atmosphere of violence and turbulence.

“There is peace and normalcy in Kashmir. Law and order situation is peaceful. But forces across border do not tolerate peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir. They do not have any sympathy for Kashmiris. Their target is to destabilise India and create an atmosphere of violence,” he said.

Hitting out at ceasefire violations, Murmu said, “They (Pakistan) engineer ceasefire violations. The cross-border terrorist leadership and their agents in Jammu and Kashmir try hard to keep the region in turmoil.

“We will deal with it strongly. I also hope that the way we are undertaking development works and empowering people at the grass-root level, they (youths who have joined terrorism) would realise that the government is working for their betterment,” he added.

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