Dr. Shahid Amin Trali

Don’t Let This Pandemic Go Out of Control!

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We must act as rational beings and think and act wisely. Our prime responsibility is to not let this pandemic go out of our control. We must keep following the safety norms and the social distance guidelines against the Coronavirus.

The holy month of Ramadhan Kareem has shown us how best values can be put into practice into our day to day life. Infact there is no better time than this dark phase of Covid-19 to apply the teachings of holy month of Ramadhan for the benefit of the society. Today everyone is cooperating in the society to fight against the Coronavirus. This is a sign of wisdom and rationality and has positive implications. This year’s Eid-ul-Fitr was a different one due to the ongoing crisis of Coronavirus. We have not done on this Eid what we have been doing previously on the occasions of Eid. The virus has given a setback to the society and kept almost everyone under control.

There is rise in the number of Covid-19 positive cases in India. Nevertheless efforts are appreciable by everyone and all sections of the society to keep this pandemic under control. But there are signs of worry as some people have started being casual and taking this virus for granted. There is other section of the society claiming that this virus is a conspiracy. It is unfortunate to see some educated men falling into this mindset.

There are also some pathetic stories that are appearing on the scene. It was heart wrenching to see a kid playing with his dead mother on the railway platform. It has also given high pain to see a baby dying of shortage of milk on the railway station. Hunger is going to be a big challenge for the World now than the virus. There seems to be no immediate availability of a proper vaccine or cure against the virus. There is no clear cut answer when this bad phase will end and everyone is like ‘Aakhir kab Tak’ (Means for how long this virus will make us suffer).

It has been vastly realized that only precautions can be the a measure to check the virus. The Govt. is trying to ease the lockdown in a phased manner to bring some confidence in the society. The movements have already started on roads and shops are mostly open. Some of the offices and businesses have also started resuming their operations. But it must be remembered that with the increasing movement there are also the chances of spread of this pandemic. We have an ever increasing responsibility to protect others and be protected from the virus.  Besides it is the duty of all employers and businesses that they should implement good hygiene and infection control practices. They should promote frequent and thorough hand washing, including by providing workers, customers, and worksite visitors with a place to wash their hands and use sanitizers. They must encourage workers to stay home if they are sick and encourage respiratory etiquette, including covering coughs and sneezes.

Organizations should explore whether they can offer flexible worksites (e.g., work from home) and flexible work hours to increase the physical distance among employees and between employees and others.  They must also discourage workers from using other workers’ phones, desks, offices, or other work tools and equipment as much as possible.

It is our responsibility to organize events, observe festivals and occasions with more simplicity. We should refrain from bigger assemblies. It is not possible to physically reach and meet and greet our near and dear ones.  We have found some technological solutions for many urgent works in our day to day life.  There are also options online to meet and greet online and enlighten our hearts. It is our responsibility to help needy ones and bring some smile on their faces. It will give a lot of satisfaction in our society. We must try to resist from unnecessary purchasing and help society as much as possible.

It is a harsh reality but we have to accept it that there is a new order to be followed in the world. We must act as rational beings and think and act wisely. Our prime responsibility is to not let this pandemic go out of our control. We must keep following the safety norms and the social distance guidelines against the Coronavirus.  We must also continue our efforts by wearing a masks, using sanitisers and ensuring proper social distancing measures. All this is required without fail for our own health benefit and the society as a whole. We should stay positive and hope for the peace and prosperity to revisit us soon. We should pray to God to get us out of this big crisis.

  • Shahid Amin Trali is Assistant Professor, School of Management, ITM University Gwalior, Youth Ambassador, IYS, and a Regular Columnist. He can be reached at- [email protected]



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