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NC seeks bailout package; incentives for Kashmir handicraft sector

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Srinagar, May 18: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Monday asserted that while the government has stepped in to provide relief to urban poor and migrants, handicraft sector workers have largely been ignored saying the people associated with the sector merit special attention in view of the gravity and scale of COVID-19 crises.

In a statement issued here, former Speaker Mubarak Gul lamented how last nine months have seen thousands of families associated with handicraft sector in Kashmir struggling to make ends meet due to the tumultuous situation followed by COVID-19 crises. “It goes without saying how important handicraft sector is keeping in view the sheer number of work force associated with it. It is one of the largest employers after agriculture in Kashmir. Far from reaching out to them, the administration has shut its eyes towards their sufferings most of whom live by hand to mouth. A sizeable chunk of population in Srinagar and elsewhere is associated with the sector involving Sozni, Aari, Pottery, woodwork, carpet, shawl and other allied vocations,” he said adding, “Not to speak of their future prospects, the artisans aren’t able to afford two square meals. What little savings they had, have been exhausted.  The hapless people are living at the eye of a storm and the government’s laid back attitude is only adding to their miseries.”

While pressing for a need to have long term and short term strategy to help such craftsmen stand back on their feet, Gul said that it was expected of the government to   come to the rescue of people involved with handicraft sector by extending social security measures to them but so far nothing substantial has been done to lessen their woes.

“The long term revival plan of the handicraft sector should espouse bumping up of demand by giving zero interest loans to the people employed in the sector, and waving off all existing loans with immediate effect. The government should also ramp up its efforts by removing bottlenecks in export, and production of the handicraft merchandise. The awareness campaigns, on-line opportunities, haats, fairs should also be carried out across the country and globe to rope in new buyers,” he said.

Party’s Provincial Vice President Muhammad Syed Akhoon, and District President Srinagar Peer Afaq Ahmad have also impressed for the need to support people associated with handicrafts sector in view of COVID-19 crises. They demanded special incentives for people working in handicraft sector across Kashmir, in addition to a financial package for the workers associated with the ailing sector.

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