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Importance of Ramadan in a Muslim’s Life

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Ramadan, as we all know, is a month in the Islamic calendar that arrives after Shaban and before Shawwal. It arrives as a blessing to all Muslims and a harbinger of modesty and taqwa. It is the month that swoops into our lives and those of our brethren, taking everyone to higher degrees of self-consciousness and humility. We know about the glorious nature of this blessed month, the three parts it has been divided into, and perpetual nights of wisdom and ultimate faith it bears. Now, let’s take a plunge into knowing the importance of Ramadan in developing good behaviour.

We are well-versed with benefits of Ramadan and how it aims to improve inner aspects of every Muslim, so it is equally important to welcome that change. This month of favors by Almighty Allah should start on a note to amend yourself for the better; for the better of your soul and heart, and also for the better of your contributions to the society. Many of us have been striving to change ourselves every Ramadan which is a good sign. No matter your sins, if you repent, Allah forgives. Every Ramadan, as we grow older, a curiousness develops that makes us question our actions and understand the role of being one among the Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat. This curiosity is unceasing, though Ramadan is the time when it resurfaces the most. Allah, while creating us, gave us the cognition to shape our destiny, our character, and to make sure of that, He gave us authority over all living beings. Not an unaccountable authority, a utilitarian one. We should realize the power provided and potential of both its inhuman and human usage.

In Ramadan, when the Shaitan has been chained, we observe a part of ourselves, the one responsible for mindlessness, unnecessary wrongs, revenge, envy, all of that being tossed to a void afar. We feel enlightened and see within us a beautiful person. This part of us is worthwhile and supports our endeavors to change inside out. Everyone knows it exists but, now and again, falls short to submit to its good. However, this person will still be there even if ignored or left unnoticed. This is the person we aspire to be. We are our own role models during Ramadan. If we don’t recognize worth of such a beautiful blessing, the whole idea of being human is put to question.

We know Ramadan is a friend who wants us to be human again, arriving every year, to help us attain piety and forgo all bad in us. It makes Ramadan not just a month but something supreme; a time to cherish, obtain lessons and reap multi-fold benefits from. Ramadan is an act of true love. How? Almighty Allah loves us to the extent of creating a month for us just to be absolved of our infinite sins. We should be encouraged and endeavor to be loved by Him. Make ‘every day’ of this Ramadan count. May our fasts and prayers be accepted. Ameen.

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