Dr. Shahid Amin Trali

Responsibilities of students in Covid-19 crisis

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There is a big crisis going on, but life and work must not stop to make it more miserable. Thanks to the technological revolution to support it, the work and learn from home model is truly a viable one. Indeed times are such that we may have to focus on this model in future as well.

Even when there is a tendency to become casual in this crisis, but our students need to be focused and motivated. Our students have to sense greater responsibilities in this crisis. They don’t have to compromise with the learning and must devote their precious time in productive works as much as possible. They have a prime responsibility to be safe and help their families as well.

It is appreciable to see organizations and institutions promoting work and learn from home, and encouraging ‘stay home to stay safe’. But to make this social distancing successful, it requires sincere and extra efforts on part of all the stakeholders. Our families too need to be highly cooperative and understand this responsibility to work and learn from home. They have to support their members to work and learn in ways as much as possible.

Students need to show inquisitiveness towards the online initiatives by the institutions. They must remain connected with the teachers and their institutions and generate more interest by asking relevant questions about their subjects. This will give a boost to the teachers and institutions to be more effective online.

Students also have a responsibility to stay connected with the friends and engage them in learning. They should not forget poor students who may have lot of difficulties and even don’t possess relevant gadgets and a supporting environment to take benefits of online learning.

Students all over the world are being affected and more and more schools and universities have been forced to close their doors. However, it is also important not to panic and believe in the power of sharing knowledge, now more than ever. Students must try to avoid doing unproductive activities. They can use timetables and to-do lists that will help them structure their day and use their time wisely. They must find some creative works to do and can even go for free online courses to earn certifications that can help them in future. They must also take regular breaks, drink some water and come back with more energy.

In this big crisis, we must remember to stay motivated, focused and continue to keep positive. We should take a pledge to help one another and our society to defeat this coronavirus pandemic.

(Dr. Shahid Amin Trali is Assistant Professor at School of Management, ITM University Gwalior, Youth Ambassador, IYS, editor-in-chief for www.startupdailytips.com and a regular columnist. He can be reached at- [email protected])


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