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IGP Kashmir issues statement in response to “claim that freedom of press is being curtailed”

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Srinagar: “With reference to a claim by certain groups that freedom of press is being curtailed, IGP Kashmir said that before making such broad generalisations people should ascertain the facts,” said police in a statement today.

“Making the facts clear IGP Kashmir said that only one journalist has been questioned about a journalistic work as only one FIR of instigating people for violence has been registered over an encounter in Shopian at PS Anantnag,” reads the statement.

“Remaining 2 persons have not been booked for any journalistic work of their’s but because of the reason that they have posted explicitly seditious, incendiary and incriminating texts on social media, challenging sovereignty and integrity of India and  attempting to instigate people for violence,” it said.

“One of them in the recent days has also met IGP Kashmir along with 3-4 members of Kashmir Press Club Srinagar and accepted the mistake claiming ignorance of the relevant law and assured not to repeat the same in future. IGP assured that an impartial investigation will take place,” the statement said.

“Regarding the other person who has additionally been booked there are written complaints as he has exposed life of some peaceful and law abiding citizens to grave risk by posting incriminating and provocative adjectives against them on social media platforms like FB and Twitter. The content of these specific complaints discloses a criminal act and law will take its course and the written complaints against this individual will be investigated as mandated by law,” reads the statement.

“IGP also reiterated that J&K Police has always maintained highest regard for freedom of press. Media persons and other relevant organisations are expected to issue statements only after ascertaining the facts,” it added.

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