Adeela Hameed

The Misleading Idea of Corona Jihad

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Power has always been linked to supremacy. The idea of power is to gather people from all sections of the society and influence them to follow. While power is a blessing in cases it is lawfully utilized, such as in relation to development and stability, mostly at present however, power is something the masses are afraid of.

Governing India has never been an easy task. There have been instances every decade which prove that people elected to oversee this nation have time and again managed to throw it deeper into the abyss of suffering. Although earlier there would be episodes of communal violence based on religious differences, surprisingly a ‘virus’ is responsible for disparity among Hindus and Muslims today. This kind of imbecile behavior has come into play because of people who believe aggression is a part and parcel of being patriotic. Now when everybody has been confined to lockdown and quarantine, another menace wanders India to snatch the little bit of life left in the equally scared and panic-struck Muslim citizens.

With such a deeply rooted fear, Indian Muslims have become a groupwith mass anxiety and trauma. The act of flogging and shaming continues on repeat. What brought this is an idea that Jamaat-i-Islami people were responsible for introduction of coronavirus in India. People are viciously using the term ‘Corona Jihad’. Do they even know what Jihad is? No, they don’t. Nonetheless, they continue to throw this term around, using it wherever they deem fit. This has been what India is subjected to every decade. We all know the source differs but the result does not. One loses count of days when such senseless thoughts brought bloodshed to this country.

Starting from etch, Indians built up their lives, time and again, only to be barraged by communal violence. This despondency is only understood by those who know what it feels like to be in an unfair fight. Now Indian Muslims have been overwhelmed by fear; fear of the wrong sense, wrong virtue, only to be beheaded by loss of belonging.

Indians had been ruined by plagues of slavery but were dependent on each other for cure. Theywere mangled by misery but soothed each other’s wounds. The people have, now and again, been traumatized but found peace in nobody else but one another. An Indian is murdered and an Indian lifts his coffin. So, why are we always at each other’s throats the moment a misdirected slip occurs. Other nations should have been taking notes from us, of how to live in harmony in spite of differences, but all the majority community can think of is ousting the minority. Creating fences will never work. It never has. Instituting blockades that can’t be surpassed, curfews that can’t be defied, and armed anti-social workers that can’t be fought, damages a society beyond repair. That is not how a democracy works. A democracy is never partial to its people.

What India requires right now is willpower and the strength to fight. But not against each other. Just against the disease. To overthrow it and end the plague.

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