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J-K college principals asked to select volunteers for helping in COVID-19 containment efforts

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Srinagar: The authorities in Jammu and Kashmir have directed college principals to constitute groups of volunteers to assist the administration in the management of COVID-19 pandemic, including in duties related to quarantine and isolating infected people.
In an order issued by Higher Education secretary Talat Parvez, the principals of various colleges across the union territory have been directed to constitute groups of five to 15 staff members comprising teaching, non-teaching, academic arrangement and local fund employees to act as community leaders and volunteers to assist the district administration in the management of COVID-19 pandemic.
“One of the members of the group shall be designated as group leader and principals of the college shall act as overall coordinator of all groups of the college and coordinate with district administration for deployment, training and receiving further instructions,” the order read.
The secretary said group members would observe and educate people about the precautions required for the management of COVID-19, such as use of mask, sanitization, frequent washing of hands, maintaining social distance etc.
“All groups created shall assist the district administration by way of community services for helping people to cope up with the pandemic and enrol community volunteers for awareness amongst the public in general. Extend helping hand to elderly sick, specially-abled, destitute, labourers and the like,” the order said.
Parvez said the group members would assist the district administration in quarantine duties, tracking, tracing and isolating infected people.
“Dissemination of information, education and communication regarding the pandemic and any other responsibility assigned by the district administration,” the order said. PTI SSB MIJ

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