People are suffering

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The lockdown in India has been successful beyond expectations, though some aberrations are always there. Majority of the people understood the gravity of the situation and followed the WHO guidelines and official directions in letter and spirit. Though there have been some cases where some people tried to hide their travel histories and thus posed threat to not only to their own lives but to the entire society but the authorities have been prompt to find out them and put them in isolation. There still may be some such cases but by and large people have cooperated. As repeatedly said there is no cure for coronavirus except social distancing. And that is the intention behind the lockdown. This time, entire world is fighting the battle of survival and if the precautions are not taken seriously, humans may be destined to lose this battle. While appreciating masses for making the lockdown a success, one would expect that in coming days it is adhered to more strictly having no scope for any aberrations.

That said, the government, both in Delhi and in Jammu and Kashmir has to understand and appreciate the troubles that the locals are facing in the wake of the lockdown. Those who earn during the day to feed their families in the evening are the worst sufferers. Even others are facing lots of troubles as despite tall claims made by the UT administration, the essentials are not available in most of the areas. The Jammu-Srinagar highway remained shut for five days thus impacting the supply chain resulting into shortage of vegetables and other eatables. Wherever these are available, the prices are sky rocketing. The administration actually failed to visualize the impact of the lockdown. There are so many areas in Srinagar where people are desperately looking for vegetables, dairy items and other eatables but there is no one from the administration to guide them. In coming days, it could snowball into a big crisis that would have every potential to defeat the very concept of lockdown.




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