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1413 out of 1847 persons released from quarantine in Srinagar

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SRINAGAR, APRIL 04: As those who had been put under quarantine go home after completing their quarantine period, Srinagar administration is drawing considerable praise not just for the facilities provided at quarantine centres but also for the decision to shift overseas-return persons thereinto on their arrival, reads an official communique of DIPR.

Each group of persons discharged from quarantine so far has expressed gratitude to the administration for top-class facilities covering all needs and making them feel at home during their quarantine period.

In contrast with initial hesitations that some had having to undergo quarantine upon their return from overseas countries all these persons upon coming out appreciated the decision to isolate them to ensure that if someone had it the infection did not spread — a realisation that has come into being as increasing number of COVID-19 cases are coming to fore in the region.

The appreciation became evident as soon as the first group of 78 persons — who had returned from Leh — came out after completing their quarantine on March 31 and clapped at the officials and showered praise on and expressed gratitude to the administration for taking care of them.

These scenes were repeated on April 1 and 2 and 3 when 236, 324 and 488 more persons were discharged from different quarantine facilities after completing their two-week quarantine periods.

Today when another group of 287 persons — most of whom are students and had returned from Bangladesh like those before — were discharged the administration’s decision to shift them into administrative quarantine received a sort of stamp of appreciation as outgoing persons wrote messages of gratitude for the district administration.

Speaking after being discharged from quarantine almost all persons who spoke on the occasion expressed feelings of confidence going to their home and without apprehensions of causing their loved ones harm which existed before.

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