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J&K: ‘Rise in positive cases as a result of aggressive testing’

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Srinagar: Soon after the number of COVID-19 positive cases spiked to 33 in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory, the Department of Information and Public Relations (DIPR), posted two tweets in order to “offer reassurance” that the rise in positive cases was result of testing being done aggressively.

It was really a tough day for the people of UT as today thirteen COVID-19 positive cases were reported in Jammu and Kashmir.

Meanwhile, J&K government Spokesperson, Rohit Kansal, Retweeted the tweets writing, “Aggressive testing and contact tracing leads to asymptomatic contacts being traced- great effort.” “Reassuring message from CS J&K.”

The tweets are produced verbatim below:

#1 The number of positive cases rise in JK to 33, testing being done aggressively, hence rise in numbers. The last 5 positives today are all contacts of prior positives and are asymptomatic. They would never have been known for upto 2 weeks and would have infected

#2 The UT’s testing rate is over 10% of those under surveillance. This is higher than many states of the country. Government urges people to cooperate fully and not panic.

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