Today: Jun 19, 2024

Janta Curfew

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By observing Janta Curfew in the nook and the corner of the country, the people of India have proved that they have a will to defeat deadly Coronavirus that has brought entire world down on knees. While the world is struggling to check the threat of COVID-19, the best way to do is to stop is transmission and that can be only by minimizing human contact. The number of effective people is alarmingly increasing so is the death toll. While scientists all over the world are busy trying to find any cure to the deadly disease, at the moment what is most important is to take precautions to stop the spread of the virus. And the spread of the virus could be stopped only if we curtail our movement and confine ourselves to our homes. By staying in homes for a full day on Sunday in response to a call of Janta Curfew given by the Prime Minister, the Indian people have contributed a bit in stopping the spread of virus.

While hailing the spirit of the citizens, one needs to stress that Sunday’s Janta Curfew should be viewed as a rehearsal to gear up for a longer battle. Though people need not to panic but given the global scenario, we have to be prepared to have some difficult times ahead and for that we have to be battle ready. This battle is not to be fought using guns but just staying at home. People have to cooperate with the programmes issued by the government and advisories by medical experts. At the same time, those who are on the front line of the battle, people from medical fraternity and other essential services should be applauded and appreciated. They are risking their lives to save that of ours. And if we really want to pay our gratitude to these warriors, we have to ensure that we don’t become carriers of Coronavirus and reduce the human contact. That alone can save us and lessen the burden of these warriors.

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