Adeela Hameed

What Was Lost, What Survived

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Descent of humans began

Never to truly regain

When forests were still lush, creamy and bold

When rivers spewed forth wherever they scrolled

Wild, full of luster, sprouted roots

Diversity was persistent, creating fruits.

Divulging in greed, cacophonous in approach

Man assembled everyone by their throat

Disregarding all, putting in his speed

He felled trees, grazed mountains and increased his creed

Tamed seas to kill, mastered the art of arrows

He even searched for animals deep down in their burrows.

What made him so envious, what made him lose his mind?

Nothing in this world could satiate this lost kind

He couldn’t even stay fit from all the loot done

For every bird he killed, he wanted a feather for fun

While squandering away his riches and the jewels of this Earth

He surely misplaced valor, Nature and Her worth.

Discord ruled his heart, he never felt sublime

Murder of creatures was now his bell and chime

Not even then did he give up to procreate

What he had devastated, what future had he made

Mindless in his aim, now ruled by his pride

Disowning even his children, no matter how they cried.

Knowing not what had been done, turning his past to stone

Man destroyed this planet, now bygones aren’t bygones

What benevolence could he now receive on Christmas, Eid or New Year’s?

For Santa had been long lost and the crescent was in tears

He claims to love Nature, hiding behind his dark lies

What was it that was lost, what will then survive?

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