Adeela Hameed


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She marches towards a tomorrow unknown

She lost her years, her marrow and bone

She loves yet suffers through lives she gave

Still gazing at a sea of indifferent waves

Bottled up emotions, discarded thoughts

She gave away everything without any doubts

With passing years, her seasons would fade

Trudging hot sands without any shade

Brought up lives inside hollow rooms

She safeguarded them when shadows would loom

But all her hands caught was only distress

Of love and respect of which she got less

Stones thrown her way did not cause harm

As much as a thorn her society would charm

Still undeterred and faithful to her name

She spoke with patience and not her fame

Struggling to get through an army of men

She perched undaunted, amassing strength of ten

She knew each corner, crevice and altar

Where danger would lurk but she did not falter

What manner or magic made her so bold?

Her stories don’t divulge this mystery untold

Although lost, forgotten, maimed, inhumaned

She did not cease to live or to be a woman.


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