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Coronavirus outbreak has made global scenario more complex: Rajnath

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New Delhi, Mar 7:  The novel coronavirus outbreak has made the international scenario more complex, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday, emphasising the country should be prepared to tackle challenges that might not allow adequate reaction time.

Speaking at the 58th M.Phil convocation ceremony of the National Defence College (NDC) here, he said developing and grooming future senior leadership, both of the military and the civil services, by the institution will play a vital role in tackling future potential challenges.

India today has emerged as an important contributor towards growth, development, prosperity, peace and stability in both Asia and the world, Singh said.

The country’s armed forces are swiftly transforming to meet future regional and global security challenges, he said.

“In this regard our government has given the highest priority to our national security through vital defence acquisitions to fill our gaps, and more importantly concentrating on building a robust indigenous manufacturing base for our future defence needs,” Singh said.

“The creation of the department of military affairs in the defence ministry and a chief of defence staff are steps in the right direction to synergise our military strengths and capabilities,” the defence minister said.

Congratulating the graduates of the M.Phil course, Singh said the current security environment is a challenging one, and the internal and external aspects of national security are closely linked.

“The world is facing many challenges in the form of international terrorism, fundamentalism, ethnic discontent, economic disparity, competition for dwindling resources and organised crime, among others. Changing geo-politics and geo-strategic equations directly impact our national security,” he said.

“Add to that the epidemics such as the recent coronavirus outbreak in China which has claimed numerous lives complicates and further makes the international scenario more complex,” Singh said.

The country must always be prepared and alert to tackle future challenges and issues that may not give adequate notice and reaction time, the defence minister said.

“We in India must therefore develop a sound strategy through a robust policy framework in order to manage and resolve future challenges faced by us,” he said.

“In this regard, developing and grooming the future senior leadership, both of the military and the civil services, by this unique institution (NDC) will play a vital role in tackling future challenges,” Singh said.

The one-year M.Phil course qualifies officers to a degree in defence and strategic studies from the University of Madras.

Sixty graduates, including officers from six foreign countries such as Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Uganda, were awarded degrees by the defence minister.

NDC Commandant Air Marshal D Choudhury asserted that the graduates with a greater understanding of comprehensive national power, will be able to contribute and make a difference.

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