A great beginning

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Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory administration has launched the Student Health Card which is aimed at improving the health and overall well being of over 12 lakh students enrolled in various government schools across J&K. This scheme will ensure better healthcare for school children and facilitate their all round development. These Student Health Cards shall be distributed to all the government schools for maintaining a proper health record of all enrolled students and shall contain information about the immunization record of a child, bi-annual examination of a child- Head to Toe for 4 Ds to find out Defects at birth, deficiency diseases and developmental delays, check list of all commonly existing disorders among children and their preliminary diagnostic tools, tabular description of periodic health profile matrices and a brief descriptions of commonly occurring diseases and ailments among children. As rightly said by the Lt. Governor, the health of our children is a reflection of our country’s future, especially, as our inspiring demographic dividend is bound to have a long lasting impact on the future social and economic development of our nation.

A sound mind in a sound body is the mantra of both education and health. Our children are our tomorrow and a healthy and well educated tomorrow would undoubtedly ensure over all development of the society. Therefore, the initiative taken by the administration should be hailed by one and all. The administration should take the parents on board to implement the scheme successfully. Parents are one of the primary stakeholders therefore their involvement is a must. For the better execution of the scheme, parents, teachers, school managements, and the government have to work in a coordinated manner. While teachers and school management can make the students aware about sanitation and hygiene, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that children follow these health tips.

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