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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Islam does not teach breaching peace: Ajmer Dargah chief

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Jaipur, Mar 01 :  Ajmer Dargah chief Syed Zainul Abedin Ali Khan on Sunday said there is no place in Islam for anything which weakens the atmosphere of peace.

“It is impossible to solve a problem with violence. People need to recognise the conspiracy created by instilling fear in the society for deviating people from mainstream due to political selfishness,” he said in a statement.

“Anything that weakens the atmosphere of peace has no place in Islam. It is impossible to solve a problem with violence. Human history testifies that the atmosphere of peace and positivity is the basis of progress and development in the world.

“The essence of the teachings of Islam is that in a society where there is unrest, people will fall behind and out of the mainstream of the nation,” Abedin said while addressing a gathering on the eve of 808th Urs.

In this traditional event, religious heads of country’s various Chistiya Dargahs were also present.

Expressing concern over the current situation in the country, the Dargah ‘deewan’ (chief) said people are being forced to come on road by fears triggered in the society out of political selfishness.

He lamented that at a time when these fears should be mitigated, negative forces are working to deepen them.

He said negative politics paves way for only the destruction and unfortunately such politics is being seen in educational institutions also.

A society bogged down by negative politics cannot progress in any manner, he said, adding that educational institutions, which enrich the society, too are becoming the centre of political confrontation and unrest today.

“Every Indian, especially Muslims of the country need to be with positive forces and protect themselves from selfish political leaders who are concerned about their selfish interest than the society,” he cautioned.