Ensure uninterrupted schooling

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All the schools in winter zone are opening on Monday and it is great news both for the students as well as parents. Post August 05, 2019 when Article 370 was abrogated and state of Jammu and Kashmir bifurcated into two union territories, all the educational institutions remained closed for several months. Though the government later opened the schools but majority of the students stayed away as given the uncertain situation and closure of telecom services, parents were apprehensive to send their children to schools. However, thankfully examinations were held smoothly thus saving one academic year of the students. It goes without saying that the students were the worst hit of the situation. They lost too much time and couldn’t study properly. Private coaching is okay but the proper schooling is the very basis of the concept of education. In Kashmir, the students completely missed the schooling that undoubtedly wouldn’t have any positive impact on their academic career.

Now that the schools are opening and the fresh session starts, it should be every one’s priority to ensure that the students overcome the losses they have suffered. The authorities, parents, the civil society, students and each and every citizen would have to ensure that the schools remain functional and the students attend them without any hiccups. Teachers would have to gear up because they are the only who can understand and appreciate what the students have lost during the year of 2019. Everyone has to ensure a conducive and peaceful environment wherein children have safe and secure access to their schools. Today’s children would be the responsible citizens of tomorrow and if their schooling is impacted adversely and their seeking of knowledge hampered, we will have a future of illiterates and uneducated youth. We, irrespective of our political or ideological differences, will have to join heads and hands to ensure that our children are equipped with better education. They have to face a competitive world and we have to ensure that we make them fully ready for any kind of competition. Our teachers need to rededicate themselves and help the children to overcome the losses they have suffered. Let our schools flourish and let our students shine. Let us all celebrate the opening of schools.

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