Adeela Hameed

Refrain from Spitting in Public

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Spitting is not a healthy habit. It doesn’t look cool; if that is what you were thinking to achieve. This habit is notorious to the extent of people excluding you from conversations, public events, or social gatherings. Spitting in public makes pedestrians walking by your side, ahead or behind you nauseous, and glare at you disgruntled. Sputum, phlegm, or spit, whatever you call it, does not in any way make the habit fashionable. It is disgusting. The roads you walk on, or the transport system you use is not just yours; it belongs to each member of the society. Thus, everyone is to be held accountable if such mutilation takes place. It is mandatory to protect and maintain public property. If a random person exhibits habits that you dislike or are not comfortable with, what will your reaction be? You might look away, feel disgusted, change your path altogether or even reprimand him/her for the same. Now look at this, spitting in public, as a habit everyone else dislikes. Would you still do it or abstain from it?

Spitting doesn’t just have ill societal effects rather it has been linked to numerous health disasters too. Bacteria or viruses from an infected person, who spits, may infect people strolling on the road. The infectious microbes don’t kill easy instead these wait for a potential host. With Corona virus on the move, it is safe to assume that every cough, sneeze, and spit should be monitored. Though no direct contact is established between a person spitting on the road and the consequent transfer of virus, however, care must be taken to prevent indirect transmission at all times. Thus, now, of all times, desisting from this activity is a must.

Spitting is a public nuisance. It even amounts to littering on the streets. As responsible citizens, we should make it a habit to not engage in this activity as well as chastise those who do. Signboards, posters, and advertisements will go a long way in making people aware of ill effects of spitting in public. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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