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Spike in winter health issues as cold weather conditions continue to prevail in Kashmir

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Baramulla, Feb 09: Doctors are seeing spike in the number of patients with cold and flu-related sicknesses including cough, upper respiratory tract infection in Baramulla district as cold weather conditions continue to prevail in Kashmir.

A large number of people, mostly elderly and children, visit government as well as private hospitals with complaints of cough, flu, throat problem, pneumonia and diarrhea. The doctors have advised the people, especially children, to wear warm clothes and drink boiled water to save themselves from flu-related diseases.

“My whole family has been suffering from throat infection and influenza due to the prevailing cold weather conditions,” said Bashir Ahmad, a resident of Binner Baramulla.

Medical Superintendent Associate Hospital Government Medical College Baramulla, Dr Masood Hussain said, “The seasonal changes in the weather has a direct impact on our body functioning. During this period of adjustment to the changing season, the body’s immunity tends to be low and therefore the body is susceptible to attack from viruses and bacteria.”

“As soon as the body experiences a drop in the external temperature, the process to get accustomed to the new climate begins. This is the time when most people start to suffer from ailments like the common cold, coughs, sore throats, and the flu. And children are most vulnerable,” he said.

He further cautioned that the children’s chests should be covered and warm drinks should be given to them to avoid the chances of pneumonia in the winter season.

Child Specialist, Dr Gavinder Jit Singh, advised the parents not to overheat the children and make them wear just sweaters and other warm cloths as sometimes overheating is not good. “A small bowl filled with water should be kept in front of a gas heater otherwise it will be detrimental for health. The complications of flu-related have witnessed sudden increase. People should not use gas heaters when they are out of the rooms.”




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