Towseef Ahmad

Back to Science and Conscience!

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The evolution of sources of science have a thorough influence on technology and philosophy of wisdom. Our future in the cosmos of computers and space is inextricably linked with the philosophy of the science. Thence the development of the increasingly creative and meta-level ideas are a must phenomena, in order to venture forth in scientific propositions and deontic artifacts. The legacy of science should be cherished as it is endowed with reason and logic. Science is not only a direct source of technological ideas it is a hub of techno-metametaphilosophy, experimental metametaphilosophy and the metamodernist ideas. Even the rationale of the scientific temper is set in the dictates of reason and conscience within the realm of the constitutional thought. We must include the advances of the theories in the rationalization process and remove the binding constraints through the meticulous study.

We must therefore secure our future prosperity through the science and its utility for metaphysics and the metaphysical orientations. The interdisciplinary processes and examinations for the essence of the modern scientific notions should be construed according to the integral notions of the meta-descriptive ideas. We must recover our business thence wherever we are in peril or loss, through the scientific advancements. We must engineer those recommendations and actions which are suitable for the creation of new metaphysical ideas so that we can carve a taxonomic philosophy on the edifices of the modern scientific outlook. We must create strong global research paradigms and align the artifacts with the scientific, commercial and public interests.

Thence economic impacts and welfare policies must be prepared and reproduced for the greatest human advantage, prosperity and capability. We must enable the policy environment through assemblage of ideas and enrichment of secular investment and infrastructure. Thus new tools and techniques should be developed so that a larger canvass of scientific orientations is nurtured. We must make the envelope of the basic point and this point is that the thrust should be the science both in the cosmos and the metaphysics, thence interdisciplinary research is not only indispensable, it is the requirement of the modern hour. Thus our impulses and visual nerves should get the good impressions of the science and the scientific thought, so that we can animate the best of the scientific ideologies. Thus to construct both the experiential and the genetic knowledge our desired aim should be to get to the roots of the science, fluid epistemic status and the evolution of the scientific knowledge. The basic matrix of related and interrelated reflections and space should be properly envisioned through explanation and explanationism.

In the same manner, the premise runs thus that the consequentialist theories of conscience are basically permissive in character, the only condition is that the act must be rightful and the one authorized by the law. Therefore we must go back to the predicable’s and sources that are feasible in direction. Thence a good society is based on a good moral fabric, one that is intact with the secular ideas and ideals. Therefore we must understand the mechanism of the conscience and the consciousness. We can focus and rely on the individual probity and personal integrity of the people after testifying the existence of the same. Therefore we must develop the foundational tools to understand the probity of the conscience and the conscious thought realm. In order to judge the people through heuristics and the language of the hermeneutics it is proper to understand the chirality of the being. We should not behave in such a manner as to fall prey to the lax conscience and consciousness.

Therefore we must reflect on the society itself which is the mirror image of the person and the community in which the person resides. Other implications flow from motivation theories and the moral knowledge constructs and predicable’s. Motivation bears something on our dispositional power, how committed and motivated we are to dispose off the things and according to what strictures and dictates. Do we follow certain canons or it is our fault to remain in the ego and the duplicate yous and cosmos. Therefore we should urge on the gullible consumers to exert their conscience and do not litter in the open environment. In order to protect the moral cosmos of the person a person should be motivated to continue to do the right things.

Knowing something in advance will make us entitled to so many precious things of conscience and the deontic thought. Therefore we should respect the conscience of the people without any fail because it lends moral vigor to the society at large. Therefore the relationship that exists within the diverse range of moral theories and theories of conscience should be harmonized in the larger public interest through policy orientation programmes and activities. Therefore a person is not only responsible for his actual conduct but the one he is likely to imagine and intend through the carrying of the irresponsible act. We must also go through the traditional sources of the philosophical conviction and reasoning in order to better acquaint ourselves with the moral decision procedures and concrete steps.

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