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Madhav accuses regional parties of supporting militancy

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‘Peace not possible till those supporting terror are not taught lesson’

Srinagar, Aug 01: BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav on Thursday accused the regional parties here of supporting militancy and said peace will not be established till they are not taught a lesson.

He said “some political parties, for their own interests, either indirectly allow terrorism to sprout, or sometimes even directly support it.”

““Terrorists who roam with guns usually infiltrate from Pakistan, but they get money and support from the political and non-political organisations here. There are those who give the terrorists money or those who support terror ideology, whether they are political or non-political groups, be it Hurriyat Conference or Jamaat-e-Islami, or individuals. As long as you do not teach them a lesson, peace won’t come,” Madhav said.

He, however, did not name any party.

The BJP national general secretary was addressing a workers’ rally at Balhama in Pampore on the outskirts of the city here.

He said the government has started the task of “mending” those leaders who indulge in this type of politics.

“Those who support separatism, terrorism, send their own children abroad for studies, but make innocent children here victims of terror. The government has taken the task of ‘mending’ these leaders who do this type of politics,” Madhav said.

Asserting that thousands of crores of rupees are given to the State by the Centre every year, “but few ruling families gobble up the money and nothing reaches the people”, the BJP leader said, adding a campaign has been started by the Narendra Modi-led government against corruption in Jammu and Kashmir.

“A huge campaign has been started by Modi government to end the corruption in the state. We will not let off anyone. A major scam in J&K Bank is being unearthed and big names are coming to the fore.

“Irrespective of their political affiliations or even if they have served as ministers or something else, we will urge the government to take stern action against them for gobbling public money. They will be taken to Srinagar (Central) jail,” he said.

Madhav said the BJP will hold a debate with the supporters of Article 370, and also questioned why big industries were not coming to the state.

The BJP national secretary said the party wants the dignified return of Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley. “They (KPs) should come back and live in their homes with safety and security. It is not only the Pandits who have suffered due to the violence, but local Kashmiris too have suffered,” he added.

Later, he visited the Bala Devi temple at Balhama and also interacted with the members of the Kashmiri Pandits Welfare Committee. (With PTI inputs)

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