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Lessons learnt from Chandrayaan are faith, fearlessness: Modi

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New Delhi, Jul 28 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that the two “greatest lessons” he learnt from the Chandrayaan-II mission are “faith and fearlessness” and also announced a quiz competition whose winners will get an opportunity to visit Sriharikota to witness the moment the spacecraft will land on moon in September.

In his monthly ‘Mann ki Baat’ address, Modi said the way scientists rectified technical issues, which caused ISRO to defer its launch by a few days, is exemplary and unparalleled.

“If you ask me what the two greatest lessons I have received from Chandrayaan II, I shall say they are faith and fearlessness. We should trust our talents and capacities; we should have faith in them,” he said.

“We should feel proud of the fact that despite hindrances, there is no change in the arrival time. We should trust our talents and capacities; we should have faith in them,” he said.

Hailing the indigenous project, he said it is “thoroughly Indian in heart and spirit. It is completely a swadeshi, home grown mission.”

He hoped that the Chandrayaan II mission will inspire youth towards science and innovation, saying that science is the path to progress.

“This mission has proved beyond doubt, once again, that when it comes to attempting an endeavour in new age, cutting edge areas, with innovative zeal, our scientists are second to none. They are the best, they are world class,” the prime minister said.

Asking students to participate in the quiz, whose details will be out soon, he said space, and science and technology will be its key features.

“And the most thrilling part is that students scoring the highest in their respective states will be invited to visit Sriharikota, with expenses borne by the government. There in September they will get an opportunity to witness the moment when Chandrayaan would be landing on the surface of the Moon. For these winners, it will be a historic event of their lives,” he said.

The prime minister said 2019 has been a very fruitful year for India in the realm of space, noting that it had also launched A-Sat in March.

In the hectic engagements during the Lok Sabha election, the A-Sat launch could not be a prominent part of the discourse even though India has become the fourth country in the world to have capability of destroying a satellite three hundred kilometres away in mere three minutes, he said.

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