Towseef Ahmad

Reflection and Metaphysics

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We must reflect on our politics and the philosophical sciences to trace the contemporary developments of the modern society according to the metamodernist views. There are consequentialist challenges and we have to rescue the people from the clutches of that redundant normativity which is fragile and tends to harm the basic fabric of our communities and societies. Therefore we cannot bypass the guidelines and methods rather we have to adopt the working hypothesis to celebrate the life and its inherent joy. There are so many vital features in a scientific outlook and we have to tread the path of decency while doing a good research in any given field. There should be a proper approach to research and spatial ability control over the things.

The question is that how should we understand consciousness and self-consciousness. Metaphysics is the electricity of the brain and we must acknowledge this fact that metaphysics is indispensable. Therefore with the good propositional content we must be truly able to delineate the proper boundaries of the metaphysics proper. Therefore we should endorse the statements according to their inherent moral worth and not according to the artificial syndrome which they might generate. Thence we must take the consequences of our actions seriously and we must be capable of making the difference. Therefore our experiences should enable to transform our personality by leaps and bounds and we should be extraordinarily good in rendering our given job.

Thence we should view the script of the event representations according to the truth claims, truth conditions and the truth prototyping. The degree of the individual variability of the social justice programs should be keenly analysed so that the metamorphosis of the meta-theories and metamodernist synthesis can be achieved. The objective exemplars and reflections should be based on better programs of action and the social program of justice. Thence the real purpose of the research is to view the things closely and according to their merit. We must therefore do rigorous critical thinking and emancipate the worth of the good ideals. Therefore philosophy and metaphysics should be viewed as a joint venture phenomena and every doctrine needs to be examined for its subtle variations and construal reasoning. The constructs should thence be furthered through the ideological application, as against the rhetoric reconstruction.



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