S M Jameel

Breaking from the climate  of  grab-and-have-it-all!

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It is ages now, so to say ,since we were a people deeply entrenched in poverty, ignorance and inertia. All these long years have seen us march to some levels of development in terms of education, economy and other spheres though with staggering steps at most of the times. This has its roots in the political uncertainty prevailing and the resultant cashing in of the situation by opportunists both at govt level and on  social plane. As already explained in these lines, our progress has not been to the desired mark. The position on ground suggests stratification of our society in terms of opportunities capitalised by a  privileged class that continues to grow in this climate  of  grab -and – have opportunism. The scales of administrative  justice are not favourably  tilted towards the neglected and underprivileged sections of  our society who needed to be salvaged with the advent of democracy.

While looking at the constitutional and legal framework in place, all is well so far as the basic human rights and their protection are concerned. What makes the blatant rights violations to occur frequently and in horribly large numbers  is ,again, a matter of lack of concern by the powers that be and the faulty administrative work -culture thriving under the nose of the political bosses. Police stations, investigative agencies and law-courts are abounding across the regions but either due to overburdened work or the loathsome working style or both,  these are directly responsible for justice not taking place in time and essence . The  time for implementation of genuine reforms in governance is already overdue. Institutions and field – agencies need to be strengthened and respected . Sufficient resources in the form of funds , man-power ,infrastructure and good service conditions are a  prerequisite for these institutions to function properly and  efficiently . On the part of the  justice-machinery itself, it is incumbent upon them to throw off the long standing but obsolete  master- servant mentality with  language pretensions ( English ) currently serving as a main barrier between the seeker of justice and the authorities concerned. Yes, there stands an iron curtain between the higher echelons of power and the common masses that restricts the access  to the seat of justice .This curtain needs to be removed forthwith and the policy of transparency and responsible governance must come into force, if they claim to work in a democratic set-up. With their integrity in tact , the authorities concerned shall have to listen to the aggrieved with all their individual  physical ,mental and  psychological conditions in mind,  as bulk of our population is still far away from proper education and  awakening in matters of law and legalities involved. That in real terms will serve people’s participation in the administration of justice , upkeeping  the honour of institutions and agencies and finally resulting in the credibility of governance system itself.

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