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Dubai is one of the most vibrant, fascinating and glamorous cities in the world. About Eighty One percent of the country’s residents are foreign expatriates. The largest group of residents, about 50 percent of the population, comes from South Asia. Indians are the largest group from the South Asian countries which give a major contribution to the overall population of UAE making a great impact on the demographic patterns of the country. The Indians have been living in the country for decades with great contributions to the business and economic development of UAE. It is believed that Indians have an overall population of around two million in the country comprising to Forty Two percent of total population of UAE. The sizeable number is well represented in almost all the spheres of work with most of the population serving in the manufacturing industries. Most the Indian population lives in the main city areas of Dubai like Deira, Bur Dubai and Karama. The majority of the Indian population comes from the Southern state of Kerala. Almost Eighty percent of total population is from other countries which include Nepal, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka etc.

Places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Ibn-Battuta Mall, Al-Seef, Dubai Village, Dubai Frame, Mall of Emirates etc. are the places which hold records for their magnificence and grandeur in their own way. While Burj Khalifa is said to be the world’s highest building/tower, Dubai Mall is the world’s biggest mall. The magnitude of Dubai Mall can be estimated by the fact that Mall is equipped with a parking facility to park 14,000 cars. (More about Dubai can be seen and read on net.)

Since Indian community is in majority here, restaurants, hotels, shops etc. bearing Indian names are commonly to be noted. Names like Kamath, Swarana, ChappanBhog, Maharaja Bhog, Kulcha-King, Peshwa, Sangam, Bikanerala, Rajdhani ,Dwarka, Lucknawee restaurants etc. are popular restaurants to the extent that even local Arabs take pleasure in enjoying the Indian food and recopies served in these restaurants. It never looks as if you are in a foreign country. So much so that there are two Indian FM channels of Indian music on the air for twenty-four hours.

Most of the taxi drivers are either Indians or Pakistanis. Doctors, engineers, nurses and skilled labourers are mostly from India. Perks are handsome and tax free. Quality of life is superb and matchless. Traffic rules, too, are strict and so is the overall discipline. Al-Adil is a chain of grocery shops famous for Indian items. Palatial building of Bank of Baroda, too, is to be seen in Bur Dubai. An Ayurvedic Centre also finds a place here.

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