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BMS Sheeri observes International Day against Drug Abuse, illicit trafficking

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Speakers urge for collective fight against deep rooted drug menace

Sheeri: The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit trafficking was observed at Government Boys Middle School Sheeri Payeen in Zone Fathegarh Baramulla on Wednesday to create mass awareness among students and other the target groups especially the youth.

While speaking on the topic, drug menace and collective fight against it, Seerat Mushtaq a class 8th student of the school said  that drugs are killing our society  silently  and   people from all walks of life must join hands to fighting the menace otherwise it would be too late .

She said the society should be strict and keep a vigil eyes the use of anti-social elements including drugs, alcohols, so that the coming generations could be free from such kinds of social evils.

Another student Iqra Bashir said it is an occasion with much conscious fervour for creating a mass awareness regarding the hazards of drug addiction and illegal trafficking and stressed the need of joint effort to end the rising social menace. .

Use of drugs, especially among the youths is on rise in many parts of the region, including the Kashmir and our state is the most vulnerable, she said.

“Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, ganja, fuki, and adhesives have become a habit with the youths including school and college students. This has caused concern among guardians, teachers and social organizations,” she said.

Another speaker, Uzair Ahmad Tantary said that the trend has also led to an increase in the school dropout rate. Many of the drug users are from well-to-do families, indicating that drug dealers are specifically targeting them as an easy source of earning.

The conscious citizens, guardians have been expressing concern over the use of drugs, especially among the younger generation.

Speaking on the occasion, Zonal Resource Perosn (ZRP) Master Mohmmad Ayob said the aim of the event was to give a message about nullifying the use of harmful drugs and avoid trafficking by spreading the awareness among masses especially among the youths and student community.

Headmaster Middle School Sheeri Hafeeza Bano said, “Drug addiction and illicit trafficking is one of the most dangerous menaces that are adversely impacting the youth in the society across the world.

“It is the responsibility of each and every individual to wake up and spread the awareness about the bad impacts of drug addiction on youth and their careers. Particularly parents and teachers must put the children under observation and guide them the right path.”

She expressed her concerned that today youth is easily attracted to fascination, luxury and easy way of life and are being easily lured by unscrupulous anti-social elements and committing various crimes.

All staff members and Headmaster MS Parray Mohlla Kitchama Abdul Rashid and other teachers from affiliated schools participated in the program.

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