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Justice has prevailed. Those responsible for brutal rape and murder of a teenaged nomad girl in Rasana, Kathua have been convicted. This conviction has strengthened the faith of the people in judiciary as well as police. It goes without saying that Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Crime Branch investigated the case and have done it so professionally that those trying to protect and defend the accused (now convicts) failed to derail the process of justice despite all nasty attempts. Despite pulls and pressures, judiciary in India has emerged as an institution with which common people have high hopes. For ordinary people, the judiciary is the last hope. In Rasana rape and murder case, the court has again established the fact that judicial system doesn’t operate on whims and wishes of fringe who are blinded by communalism, sectarianism and regionalism. One would like to appreciate the professionalism of Crime Branch which investigated the case fairly, fearlessly and honestly. It was this fool proof investigation that helped the court to reach the final decision. Normally criminals escape the noose of law only because the investigations are not carried out professionally and because in some cases the investigating agencies come under the influence of vested interests. But in this case, the Crime Branch has done a great job and their job has finally ensured that justice is done to the 8-year old girl and her family.

Now that the accused have been convicted, those politicians who tried to sabotage the process of justice should hang their heads in shame. These politicians did everything to demonise the investigating officers and tried to exploit the street sentiments to put the victim family under pressure. Shamelessly these politicians tried to play “us and them” card and did everything to communalise the issue. They managed to hold massive rallies in support of those involved in the crime. They tried to create a wedge between different communities and regions. Unfortunately some of these hate mongers were elected representatives of the people. One amongst the hate mongers contested recently concluded Lok Sabha elections with the hope that his hate politics may get him votes but was snubbed by the electorate and lost his security deposit. The people of the Udhampur Lok Sabha constituency conveyed to this hate monger that they don’t believe in communalization of a brute crime. These politicians and those who supported them should be named and shamed by one and all so that in future no one dares to side with the rapists and killers.

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