Mushtaque B Barq

Alchemy of Wisdom

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What catch the attention of a lover to turn the pages of Sufi writings is that the prosperity of thought put forth with delicate know-how and observation through awe-inspiring insight.  A spiritual experience is devoid of both corporeal and cogent philosophy. It is the sacred road to inner light. The intensity of light depends upon his impassiveness of mundanity. The purgation leads to illumination that in turn unbolts the grand gate of love to start a journey ___ the unio mystica, an experience of loving union or visio beautifica, a stage where ‘Beyond all vision’ ceases to be and the veils of ignorance no more stay alive.

If the divine is found through ablutions

Surely frogs and fish would find him first

If the divine is hidden in jungles

The cattle would have discovered him by now

O Bulleh, the divine is found by those with pure and true heart.

 What differentiates an ascetic from a mystic is the love for the Absolute. It is this love that lifts the heart in a mystic frame to the Divine Presence. This love puts up with the wings of falcon to carry its prey beyond the reaches.  Once the prey realises its own plight, the upward journey leaves it on the limb of a tree where boughs of wisdom lures its needs and in reciprocity the need rejuvenates its broken wings to soar in the Vast , an ultimate flight  .  The journey or ‘Path’ that leads to the unending quest for Truth is encouraged by the Heavenly Journey to satiate the needs of a soul.

 Mannum Mehwi Khayali Ao, Nami Danum Kuja Raftum

Shudam Garqi Wisale Ao, Nami Danum Kuja Raftum   

Like other mystical leaders, Junaid spoke about the different stations and stages on the ‘Path’. He praised poverty, faqr, which is “an ocean of affliction, yet its affliction is completely glory”. Mystical love to him means “that the qualities of the Beloved replace the qualities of the lover”, it is a transformation of the lover on the level of attributes.

Ba Aaun Ma Aashina Gashtum, Zi Jan o Dil Fida Gashtum

Fanna Gashtum Fanna Gashtum, Nami Danum Kuja Raftum  (Bu Ali Shah Qalander)

Sufis admitted that there are twofold approaches to Lord. As Hujwiri says in his discussion of the states of ‘intimacy’ and ‘respect’:

There is a difference between one who is burned by His Majesty in the fire of love and one who is illuminated by His Beauty in the light of contemplation. The one is a follower of friendship; the other is companion of love.

Qalander Bo Ali Hastum, Ba Nami Dost Sar Mastum

Dil Ander Eshqi Ao Bastum, Nami Danum Kuja Raftum

 The goal of the mystic is to return to the experience of the ‘Day of Alastu’ when only God existed, before He led future creatures out of the abyss of not-being and endowed them with life, love and understanding so that they might face Him again at the end of time. The Masnavi opens with the famous Lament of the reed flute:

 We all were parts of Adam at one time

In paradise we all have heard these tunes

Though clay and water fills us up with doubts

We still remember something of those songs

 Sufism is the heart’s pure being from the pollution of discord __  a statement which Hujwiri explains as follows : “ Love is concord and the lover has but one duty in the world, namely to keep the commandment of the beloved and if the object of desire is one, how can discord arise ?” It is love alone that acts as a bridge between the source and the soul, between the Creator and the created.  Heart is the city where love flourishes as Nuri’s definition of the heart as a garden prefigures later Persian garden poems: the garden of the heart is either blessed or destroyed by rain— the rain being, in the East, a symbol of divine activity and generally, of divine mercy. Nuri speaks of the two fold rain, one of grace and mercy and one of divine wrath and revenge; the first one is revealed by thunders of majesty in the heart of devotees, by the lightening of desire in the hearts of the lovers and by the breeze of appeasement in the hearts of the Gnostics.

He who is stricken by Love

Sings and dances out of tune.

He who has the Beloved in his heart,

He is fulfilled with his Love

No need he has for formality,

He just enjoys his ecstasy………Bulleh Shah








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