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People seek divine intervention for rains in Jammu

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Jammu, June 3 :  As the country faces severe heat wave with temperature soaring beyond 45 degree centigrade in many places, people have begun seeking divine intervention to bring rains here in Jammu.

Jammu-based organisation Dogra Front-cum-local Shiv Sena chief Ashok Gupta conducted special prayers and ‘yagna’ at a temple here Monday to propitiate the ‘rain gods’.

He held special worship with various rituals and ‘japa’ to pacify Lord Indra to bring rains and provide the much-needed relief to the people from extreme heat wave here.

This is not for the first time that people are seeking to invoke gods for rain by organising special prayers in temples in Jammu.

The heat wave coupled with the power and water crises has made the life of the people across the country particularly in Jammu hell, Gupta told reporters after the prayers.

“We organised prayers, special poja and japa to propitiate Lord Indra to bring rains in the country and give relief to the people. We are seeking blessings of Lord Indra,” he said.

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