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Nobody can grudge Modi’s ascendency as PM: Soz

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Srinagar, 26 May: Former Union Minister, Prof. Saifuddin Soz, on Sunday said that nobody can grudge Narendra Modi’s ascendency as PM of India for the second time as this position came to him through a democratic process.

In a statement issued here, Prof Soz said: “The fact, however, remains that the Electoral Process remained flawed primarily because the Election Commission of India remained biased in favour of the ruling class.”

“PM Modi could in his own interest consider why the entire Democratic world measured India’s electoral space during the general elections 2019, as a deeply polarized process such as never seen in Independent India. Needless to mention it here that prestigious TIME magazine had described Modi as ‘India’s Divider in Chief’ and the Guardian (London) has run down Modi, among other things, for treating the minorities as ‘Second Class Citizens’,” he said adding, “Many a constitutional experts throughout the world felt that India got deeply polarized for the first time in its long electoral process.”

“PM Modi should imagine why the entire world evaluates him in poor light. Then, citizens like me raise a potential question as to why PM Modi never uttered a word on the atmosphere of deep intolerance that got created during his first term as Prime Minister of India and he never uttered a word on scores of crimes of lynching and roadside killings of poor of the poorest members of a chosen minority community,” he added.

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