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Dr. Rajiv Kumar delivers lecture at CUK

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Ganderbal, May 26: Dr. Rajiv Kumar, an expert in the field of Nanotechnology from Delhi University, delivered a lecture to the students of the Department of Information Technology, on “Step by Steps towards Nanorobots” at Tullmula Campus of the university.

The lecture was attended by the students and faculty members from the Department of Information Technology and Department of Physics.

In his presentation , Dr. Rajiv described nanotechnology as a creation of functional materials, devices and systems, through the understanding and control of matter at dimensions in the nano meter scale , where new functionalities and properties of matter are observed and harnessed for broad range of applications; ranging from healthcare to environment, from chip manufacturing to defence and many more. He also shed light on the working of bio nanorobots and their role in targeted drug delivery system.

Prof. A. M. Wani, former Director NIT, Srinagar and Dr. M. A. Shah, HoD, Department of Physics, NIT Srinagar also spoke on the occasion.

The session was conducted by Er. Afaq Alam Khan, Coordinator Department of Information Technology. Er. Zahoor Ahmad Najar, In-charge Director Campus proposed the vote of thanks.

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