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‘A+ accreditation is welcome, but KU needs an overhaul than gloat about NAAC grading’

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Srinagar, May 21: Even as the officials at the University of Kashmir are thumping their backs for bagging A+ Grade from the National Assessment and Accreditation Committee (NAAC), the students of the varsity however are not amused or enthused about it.

The grade sheet, announced by NAAC on Monday, which awarded the KU A+ Grade and 3.31 Institutional Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on  a scale of 04 was welcomed by the students but they refused to get “carried away with this performance of their university”.

Interestingly, KU has scored Criterion Wise Grade Point Averages (CrWGPi/Wi) of 2.94 out of 4 points in “student support and progression”, which is the lowest among all other 6 criteria.

“Our university earning an impressive A+ grade from NAAC is a significant moment for all of us but we are not getting carried away with it at all,” a group of varsity students told ‘Kashmir Images’, adding they will keep highlighting the shortcomings of their university, which they claim are far more than its “achievements”.

Speaking to ‘Kashmir Images’, a student activist, Naveed Bukhtiyar said: “As the authorities at KU are proud of acquiring A+ grade from NAAC, we the students are concerned about misgovernance and mismanagement which is prevalent at the varsity.”

Bukhtiyar, who is pursuing LLB at KU, questioned whether the A+ grade is going to mitigate the sufferings of the students.

“Is this the way by which we can reduce corruption at the university?”

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The students alleged that they are the victims of KU’s “misgoverance, corrupted system, favoritism, student-unfriendly environment”.

“Now when our university has gained a reputation as an institution, the question we are asking is, can we expect accountability, transparency, good governance and above all a corruption-free campus now onwards?” they asked.

The students further said that KU needs an “overhaul” of its system more than gloating about its NAAC grading.

“From managing the academic affairs to conduct of examination, the KU administration has proved to be a big failure,” they allege.

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A group of under-graduate (UG) students said that Governor Satya Pal Malik has congratulated the university for its achievement but he didn’t say a word about the “incompetence of its authorities who have made the life of college students miserable”.

“Recently, a shocking revelation of paper leak came to the fore, but the Governor administration preferred to remain silent as has been the case with the huge discrepancies in the UG 3rd semester results, which have even failed to catch the attention of Khurshid A. Ganai, who holds the charge of School Education, Higher Education departments,” they added.

Talking to ‘Kashmir Images’ Dean Academic Affairs, Dr Akbar Masood, said that KU is ahead of Delhi University in terms of Institutional CGPA of 3.31.

“The quality education which the Kashmiri students would receive in Delhi is now available at the Kashmir University,” Masoood claimed.

Pertinently, the NAAC peer team had visited KU for a three-day assessment from May 02 to 05.

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