Towseef Ahmad

Metaphysics, Individuals and Cosmology

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Individuals constitute the important part of the society, whose edifices emerge more particularly from modern times where the interaction is immense with artificial intelligence and machines. We need to describe the work that we perform in the modern times and eliminate the myth that we face in our routine lifetimes and the lifeworld. We need to produce the metaphysics of the actual structures. We need to collect the arguments in detail and pave the way for the feasible interaction of gestures and horizons. Thus we should expect the good onus from the new and mature type of metaphysical gateways and the revisionary society. Therefore we can adopt the broad strokes and change the luck of the society without dismissing the subject matter.  Therefore we should facilitate the quite active philosophy coming from different areas of cosmology.

Thence we should respect the particular goods and goals of the society and appreciate the people who hold on the rope and touchstone of the proper ethics and the allied elements of the metaphysics proper. Thence we must not exercise the things in the monotonous pattern rather our behaviour should merit the modern day longing for precursors of hope and the bundle of ethics. Therefore we should play the wide shots too along with the cultural practices and delineate the conceptual boundaries afresh. Thence beliefs, desires, moral rights and wrongs form the terminological stance for the people who are steadfast in action and the culmination of the virtue and desired ultimate truth. Therefore we should not stop the survey rather we should embark upon the totality of ethical surface and the longing towards the formidable goals and channels for the required goals.

The conceptual resources should help us to vindicate the truth and made the nurture of the things quite a strategic habit without fixing the numbers unreasonably. Therefore we must enhance the practical value and worth of the things. We must continue the thinking both in the hermeneutic and the revolutionary rather prescriptive trends. We should not fall asleep rather we should strike the real chord of transcendence and goal oriented equity. Therefore we must search for a dialogue with the system and the institutional forms of the society and nurture the ideal patterns and the ethical behaviour of the masses in the matrix of equality and in the metrics of reasonable foresight.

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