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An open letter to Chairman/CEO JK Bank

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First of all I, on behalf of all the aspirants would like to congratulate you and your team for the successful declaration of the results of probationary officer, preliminary examination. The results were declared in less than three weeks time, with the timely display of scores and cutoffs which proves that there is no doubt in the transparency of the results. As per the preliminary result notification, the mains examination was scheduled on 20th May 2019, which again was a very nice step which would pave way for the timely completion of the recruitment process as far as probationary officers’ process was concerned. Many candidates, first of all, were not able to able to check whether their roll number was in the shortlisted candidates for mains as they did not have the copy of the admit cards with them. The problem again was solved by the bank by making the scorecards visible in less than 24 hours after making the mains shortlist public, displaying the total marks, sectional marks, total and sectional cutoffs too. It is pertinent to mention here that cutoffs declared were different for different districts as was earlier mentioned in the notification that the recruitment will be done district wise.

Many candidates had already started preparing for mains and many others started after the preliminary examination which was due on 20th May. On 13th May 2019, suddenly a tweet by your good self circulated on the social media, cutoffs have been revised and precisely saying reduced to 40.00 and made uniform for all the districts of the state. This decision here was absolutely contrary as far as the notification for the recruitment of probationary officers is concerned. It was clearly mentioned in the recruitment notification that the recruitment will be done district wise. This decision, it seems and many aspirants assume, seems to be made only and only to accommodate more candidates from Jammu division who otherwise had failed to clear the requisite cut-offs of their districts.  This should never have had happened after the declaration of results took place. I suppose the decision was made in haste and such happenings are only possible in a place like Kashmir where eligibility and recruitment criteria’s are changed overnight. This will surely have numerous negative consequences as far as this recruitment or future recruitments are concerned.

Around 2500 candidates were at first shortlisted for mains as per the district wise cutoffs. Now as the cutoffs have been revised, technically no candidate from Kargil will qualify for mains, as the earlier cutoff for Kargil was 32. So what about the candidates from Kargil now? Secondly after revising the cutoffs to 40.00, approximately 10000 candidates, or even more with more than 95% from Jammu division only will be eligible to write mains for only 250 posts as mentioned earlier which will again negate the shortlisting criteria of ( 1:10 ), which seemed to have been followed by the bank.

This will be more like a preliminary examination again considering the number of candidates appearing.  If at all the mains examination is conducted with the tens of thousands of candidates, how many will be shortlisted for interview then, will it be as per the district wise requirement, if not it should be clearly mentioned beforehand. Will the number of posts of probationary officers increase then? Where is the revised shortlist for mains examinations? Where are the revised scorecards? Will sectional cutoffs also change then?. This messy state of affairs related to Probationary officer results has given sleepless nights to Banking Associate aspirants now who are worried about their careers.

What about the results of Banking Associates now? Will it be a transparent result? Will the same criteria be followed for the Banking Associate results? Will the number of Banking Associate posts increase or decrease?, are a few including many other queries being raised by numerous aspirants and I am sure that the same will be cleared by the bank authorities as soon as possible without any further delay.

Nazim Humayoon

On behalf of all the aspirants

[email protected]

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