Hanging our heads in shame

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While people of Kashmir were yet to come out of the shock of what happened with a three-year-old child in Sumbal area of Bandipora district, another shocking news has come from Ganderbal where one more teanager has fallen to the lust of a beast in human skin. Since the  Bandipora gruesome rape came to fore, people have been protesting, demanding exemplary punishment to the one involved in the crime. While the anger of the people is justified and understandable, as the incident has pained one and all, some of the protests wherein the protestors resorted to vandalism need to be opposed strongly and curbed. By pelting stones on police and security forces; by attacking ambulances and other vehicle; by indulging into arson and vandalism, these protestors were not doing any good to the victim nor to the process of justice. It seemed they had least concern about what happened at Bandipora but were actually following some nefarious designs to disrupt peace and order and to bunk their classes. These miscreants are friends of none and enemies of all. They are the ones who provoke security forces to react and thus create an atmosphere where human lives are lost and politicians jump in to cash in over the dead bodies.

That said, while the society was still simmering with the anger over Bandipora rape, the another such incident surfacing in Ganderbal has come as a big shocker. What is happening? Where is the Kashmir society headed to? Has humanity cease to exist? Are wild beasts roaming around in human skin targeting the modesty of our young children? Or all we all turned into beasts? Within a span of few days, two teenaged girls have been raped. Let us all hang our heads in shame. While protesting we lose not a minute to throw a rock on police, but can we dare to throw the same rock towards our own selves. In both the cases, who are the victims? We are. And who are the perpetrators? None other than us. So why to target police and security forces on streets, why not ourselves, the real culprits. Something is seriously wrong with our society. Unfortunately we as the society; our social, religious and political leaders are blind to the realities of life. We have developed a rot within, we are trying to hide it in the guise of “achieving bigger goals”. Whether the bigger goals would be achieved or not, the rot is eating up the very vitals of the society. People have to speak up. Society has to come out of the slumber and parents have to be answerable for the actions of their children. Because it understandably is the bad grooming which makes a boy to commit such heinous crimes. Social, religious and political leaders have take a lead in ensuring an awakening among the masses so that incidents like that of Bandipora and Ganderbal are not repeated.

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