Towseef Ahmad

Votive Metaphysics

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There are many votive trajectories and influences of the term metaphysics and we must explore the facts for the ideal values. It is essential that we engage with the metaphysics through art and the historic works and proceed to explain the conception of different ideas like ‘God’, Man, External World and many things which warrant and merit to be discussed. All the phenomena of the world need to be explained through the process of multitude of compatibilities and the deterministic rules. We must survey the basis and votive of the things and the potential beings must be utilized to celebrate the nature of the artificial languages.

It demands reconciliation of the traditional artifacts with the values of the modern characterizations, axiomatizations and the like principles and salient processes of language. We must also interpret the dimensional nature of the things according to the just doctrines and inferential frameworks. We must not interpret everything as redundant rather we should understand the things according to their inherent potential and communicate light and vigil of the things according to the proper guard and discourse.

There is nothing blank-everything has a nexus and we must support the better intentions and practices and attention must be drawn towards the phenomenology of care and concern of the beings and the metaphysical votives. The development of the external methodology underpins hope of greater orientations and methodological plausibility’s. We must set the intellect free to roam knowing that it is the performing space that is needed to convey the exact scheme of methods and ideal points. We must put the research lens on symbolism and find the way for the birth of the vicissitudes and their application.

Thence we must fulfil our utopian promises and establish the sacrosanct and dynamic views on metaphysical votives. We must understand the emblematic nature of the digital culture, new age ironies and the new age technologies. The content of the software and the multimedia must shape our ideal visions and the brighter policies. We must exert our responsible brand and influence rather flourish the pragmatic ideals and the metaphysical tenor. In particular the cultural changes in the information age should be elaborated according to the better and qualitative decision-making. The life infront of the screens like television, cell phone and computer should be extensively purposeful and votive in terms of the ethics and the meta-ethical entourage!








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