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Labor dept committed to eradicate child labor from Srinagar

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Lack of coordination between agencies play spoilsport: Asst Labor commissioner Sgr

Srinagar, May 01: The State Labor Department today said that government is committed to eradicate child labor from Srinagar city provided all agencies including police and civil administration work alongside each other.

“We are committed to stamp out the menace of child labor but lack of coordination between various law enforcement agencies including police and civil administration play spoilsport,” Rabia Iqbal Mir, Assistant Labor Commissioner Srinagar told reporters during  oath taking ceremony of newly elected body of Bazaar Committee Union Kokerbazar here.

She said the menace of child labor which has taken toll on the future of children who due to the desperate economic conditions are forced to quit studies and take burden of their families on their young shoulders is not difficult to curb, however lack of coordination makes things a bit difficult.

She said not only the administration but society too has an important role to play to eliminate this menace from the roots.

“We keep on organizing seminars and symposiums from time to time so that people are aware about the issue, however our efforts fails the moment people shy away to bring such issues into our notice,” she added.

The officer further said that labor department can only pave way for prosecution of the employer for exploitation of minors; however there are no provisions in the law which allows the department to put them behind bars.

She said the deportment has no bearing on children who seek alms on the streets (baggers) or those who do their own business.

“We can only sanction prosecution of the employer for taking undue advantage of children’s compulsions. We can book them under relevant section of law but cannot punish them on our own,” Assistant Commissioner said.

Speaking on the occasion, she asked the newly elected body of traders to realize their responsibilities towards the society and ensure no child is being exploited.

Former SSP Traffic Srinagar, Maqsood Zaman was the chief guest on the occasion who insisted traders not to take customers for a ride for small gains.

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